We are back up for now but not 100% operational. Production to shipping is currently 7 days or less.

About Us


After almost 12 years and multiple injuries while serving in the US Army, it was time to go another direction. I could no longer perform as a Special Forces Medic due to severe daily pain and limited function. It turns out that leaving the military and moving away would be more difficult than I thought. I felt like I lost my identity and purpose and I needed something to connect me to the community that I missed so much. Being a maker I finally found a way to give back and serve the guys I missed so much. It has been a long, rough road but God has brought me to some amazing places!

The Family and I love to travel in "Avvie" our adventure van and can't wait for Avvie 2.0, the larger version. We have been from coast to coast and stayed many places along the way. We get to the mountains every chance we get to chase sunsets and 4 legged mountain dwellers. We call Colorado our home and hope that it stays that way.

I have to give thanks to God, my wife and kids, and my Brothers. Without you there is no telling where I would be right now. God Bless and DOL.